Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to make our vending machines healthier but some people want to continue to purchase unhealthy things?
NEMS-V is about choices and having there be some that are healthy. Not everyone makes healthy choices every day so it is important to carry a variety of products. Consider conducting an informal survey to see what products employees would like to keep or add.

My boss thinks that our company will lose money. Is this true?
Research shows that adding healthier options does not mean less money. In fact, if you poll your employees to see what they would select, you may find that your profits actually increase. Consider having a sampling day so that employees can try potential products.

My worksite has decided to assess our vending machines and make healthier choices. Where do I start?
First thing is find out who has control over your vending. It may be an outside company or it may be someone internally. Ask your human resources director.

My vendor company says they do not know what foods are healthy choices. How can I help them?
Look at the Food Reference Sheet on this web site for starters. Or if you have found a product in the store that you think might be a good choice to add to your worksite vending selections, try to google the product on the Web. The NEMS-V Web site has a Healthy Choices Calculator. Once you find the nutritional information you can enter the requested information and determine whether the food meets the NEMS-V green or yellow criteria. 

What is a quick and easy way to convince my boss that healthy choices in a vending machine are a good idea?
After completing the NEMS-V survey, you can enter the information on the web site and generate a report card specific to your worksite.

Involve your worksite in vending changes. It is important to invest the time in the beginning and involve your entire staff.  Look at your sales report and determine what items are sold most often and which are sold least. It might be a good idea to continue offering the items sold most often and look at changing the items not sold as often first.

Conduct informal surveys on what items people would like to have put in vending.

Offer samples of potential vending items and let people rate which items they like best.

Change the pricing of vending items to encourage the purchase of the healthier items.

Change where you place the vending items so that the healthier choices are at eye level. 


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