Assessing Food
Using NEMS-V

The food choices you make when at work have a huge impact on your health.  With busy schedules and tight deadlines, people are spending more hours at work and often select snacks and meals from vending machines.  According to Automated Merchandiser, State of the Vending Industry Report, in 2012 manufacturing facilities (22.5%) and offices (20.1%) accounted for almost 55% of the vending machine locations in the U.S. Sales from all vending machines in 2012 totaled $19.31 billion. 

Selecting healthy choices from a vending machine can be a challenge. NEMS-V can assist your work place in offering healthier vending options.

View NEMS-V food color coding criteria.

View summary of foods that meet green, yellow and red categories.

View suggestions on changing red foods to green.

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