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Manufacturing Plant - Maine

A manufactuing plant wanted to offer healthier snacks at reasonable cost with conveneince of the typical vending machine. In 2001 they formed a Health and Wellness Committee and worked with their current vendor to obtain a cold vending machine. When the machine was first placed it contained both healthy and not so healthy options. As time went on, the percentage of healthy choices increased. There was no additional cost to the company to introduce a cold vending machine and the price of the products ranged for $0.85 to $2.50. The results were what the company had hoped for. More employees chose better foods, with the sandwiches and salads priced in the $1.50 range the most popular. One year after the cold vending machine was intorduced, there was a 14.6 percent increase in employees who consumed five or more fruits and vegetables.

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Tips for starting your own vending machine improvement, from the wellness manager at Meredith Corporation.

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  • If you do not already have an agreement with a vendor, consider building a campaign and making it part of your agreement with your vendor.
  • If your vendor is reluctant to implement healthier choices in your vending machines consider building a case and take it to the vendor.  The case should provide detailed information on what the vendor and the company can both provide.
  • If your company does not have a large budget to implement this or does not have the funds to give gift cards as prizes consider giving away company t-shirts or small workout materials, such as stretch bands, exercise balls, or jump rope.

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