Information on Worksite Wellness Programs

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Information on Worksite Wellness Programs

Getting started is the hardest part of developing a worksite wellness program (WWP). Below is a summary of six easy steps that will help you begin and maintain a successful worksite wellness program.

Why should I create a WWP?
Step one discusses the benefits of an employee wellness program and the return on investment (ROI). Your program will depend on what resources are available to you; however, there are some great components that can be added at no cost.  


Step 2

How do I get started?
Step Two discusses how to get started by getting managerial staff on board and developing wellness committees.
Assessing your worksite
Before deciding what programs will work for your worksite, use Step Three to assess your current worksite.  It is important to learn what your employees want from the wellness program before starting a new program.
Making Decisions -- Where to focus your efforts
Defining goals and objectives are an important aspect of starting a WWP.  Step four will help you define your goals and objectives as well as look at how small changes can have a big impact on employee health and healthcare cost savings.
Programming for your worksite
There are many activities that can be used in worksite wellness programs.  Step five will give you a list of ideas and help to decide which ones will work for you based on available time and money.
Evaluating my program -- Is it doing any good?
Evaluation is a step many worksites forget about.  It is important to evaluate the program to see if it had an impact, what went well, and what needs to be changed to improve the outcomes.  Step Six will show you ideas for evaluating your WWP.



"A goal without a plan is just a wish.

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