Worksite Vending Report Card


A Worksite Vending Report Card is generated when you enter site and individual vending machine information from the NEMS-V assessment below. This customized report indicates how many additional yellow or green choices need to be added to each machine in order to earn various recognition levels for that particular machine and for the site as a whole. The report also includes a checklist for actions to take to improve the vending environment and eventually implement a vending policy. Sample Report (opens in a new window)

The recognition levels include Bronze (30% food or 55% beverage choices are yellow and green); Silver (40% food or 65% beverage choices are yellow and green); Gold (50% food or 75% beverage choices are yellow and green and no red foods are advertised). The Bronze recognition level of 30% for food was original based on Automatic Merchandiser State of the Vending Industry Report (2008) advising operators to fill only about 20-30% of each vending machine’s slots with healthier choices in order to maintain profits. Sample Certificate (opens in a new window)


Begin Input of Your Location Information

Enter site location information. You only need to do this once for each work place.  But if you do need to make edits to the site location information, click below on "Review and edit vending machine information", scroll to the bottom and click on "Edit Site Information"

Enter individual machine information - (Please complete the site location information before entering machine information.)


Review or Edit Your Information

Review and edit vending machine information.

View your site report card.

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